Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Stop, scroll down the page and see better photos than this one. :) Posted by Hello

Remember the photo of this bridge that was taken just a month ago?  Posted by Hello

Where am I ? Posted by Hello

Ever wonder what having all your ducks in a row looks like? Check out this long line of ducks at Lake Springfield near Marina Point. Photo taken during the Nov 24, 2004 snowstorm. Posted by Hello

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Soccer anyone? Posted by Hello

Hermit crabs at the pet store at the mall. It is a very interesting display. This photo doesn't do it justice. Posted by Hello

Another fish trolling for bread crumbs. Posted by Hello

Feeding the fish, you can see one jumping and a few others underwater. Posted by Hello

At Madonia Park. I just like the reflections and patterns in the water. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Lake Springfield sunset. November 14, 2004. Posted by Hello

Sunset over farmland, November 14, 2004. Posted by Hello
Lake Springfield sunset, November 14, 2004. Posted by Hello

Monday, November 01, 2004

Welcome to Springfield Photos !

Hi Everyone! Welcome to my latest project, a photo blog!

I guess you could almost call is a moblog, but I'm thinking that the "mob" stands for mobile and most of my pictures won't be from a camera phone, although a few might be.

Feel free to post comments on the photos as you wish.

Go ahead and add the url to your list of bookmarks and check in regularly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Lake Springfield at the Lindsey Boat dock. Oct 30, 2004. This was one windy day. The theme from Hawaii 50 was in my head as I took this picture. There was not a single boat trailer in the parking lot. Gee, I wonder why?  Posted by Hello

"Thanksgiving is HOW many days away?" Posted by Hello

"Dont' even think of putting me in that cage". (From the Farmer's Market.) Posted by Hello

The beekeeper's display at the Farmer's Market. Posted by Hello

A super dual costume of a boy and his dog. Photo from the Farmer's Market, October 20, 2004. Posted by Hello

The "PecanMobile" at the Farmer's Market. Those pecans are excellent. Be sure to try their chocolate covered pecans sometime. BTW, their banner says "Welcome to the Nut House". This picture was taken on October 30, 2004. Posted by Hello

Another guest at the Harvest festival. I love the tablecloth design. You can find it at Walmart in the sewing department. I wonder what other uses would be good for this pattern? Posted by Hello

A guest at the Farmer's Market Harvest festival. Posted by Hello

The "Garlic Guy" at the Farmers Market shares a story with a customer. That "Frisco Red" garlic is excellent, We stocked up on it for the winter. One family fav is to saute the garlic in olive oil and then use a microwave popper (with the olive oil and garlic bits) to pop the popcorn. Yum! Posted by Hello

Last Saturday was the last Farmers Market for the year. I'll miss it to be sure. They had a "Harvest Festival" on this day with a band, farm animals, costume contest, etc. Posted by Hello

Anakin...I mean Darth Vader Posted by Hello

I love the mix of costumes. Very creative! Posted by Hello

Children posing with Spongebob at the mansion. Posted by Hello