Monday, November 03, 2008

Windsurfing in November on Lake Springfield

Windsurfing in November on Lake Springfield

Someone is about to get very, very cold!

He'll be back on the windsurfer in just a sec...

I mentioned to them that my father in law was windsurfing in his 70's.

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Photos taken at Marine Point on Lake Springfield.

November 2, 2008

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaf Color

Why Do Leaves Change Color in the Fall?

by Science Made Simple

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Trick or Treating photos

Trick or Treating photos 2008

This skeleton had a light sensor that would speak insults to you and then stick out its tongue.

This fellow rode in the car with one of the vendors at the last Old Capitol Farmer's Market of the year. I joked about using him as a hov lane buddy. I guess someone else has tried that...and gotton caught!

Found this Dremel pumpkin carving kit at Lowes in clearance land.

This pumpkin had a smoke machine inside.

A hot dog who is glad he's not dressed as a Springfield horseshoe.

BooRito Day at Chipotle Mexican Grill

October 31, 2008 was "Boo-Rito" Day at Chipotles Mexican Grill.

Customers dressed as a burrito, taco or salad received a free burrito.

I hear that the manager went to the mall and handed out free aluminum foil for people to design costumes and then come in and receive their free food.

I made aluminum foil bracelets for my costume.

While I was enjoying my free burrito, I noticed a young couple with a baby who didn't know about the promotion. So I gave them my family's "costumes" so they could get some free food. The look on their faces when I said they'd get free food if they wore these foil bracelets was priceless.

Here are the people who received my Boo-rito costume.
Both mother and child are wearing the bracelets in this photo.

My taco being made (shown above)
This was my first time trying the guacamole.

Announcement regarding Boo-rito day in the Springfield email list.

Chipotle Mexican Grill Photos (new burrito place outside White Oaks Mall)

While researching what to make for my burrito costume, I learned about Aluminum Foil Deflector beanies.

More about tin foil hats at Wikipedia.

I imagine that we'll hear about tin foil hats on the Big Bang Theory tv series sooner or later.

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Bible Across America project visits Springfield

Golden Corral Weekend Breakfast Buffet

Golden Corral is now open!

Cara Mongolian Bar-B-Que

Photos from a drive down S. Sixth Street

Noodles and Co near White Oaks Mall

Chick-fil-A and White Oaks Mall

Humphrey's Bakery is now open!

Kicks Entertainment

Gateway to India Restaurant Lunch Buffet Photos

Thailand Cuisine

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Road Trip: dining at the Ikea store...part 1

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The Veggie Burger at Memorial's Cafeteria

Humphrey's Pizzeria is now open!

Sushi Beautiful Sushi

The Apple Barn is OPEN !!!!

The Pizza Machine

Tokyo of Japan

Tea Thyme Tea Room

El Presidente Burritos and Baja Grill

Lake Pointe Grill

Centrum Cafe on Toronto Road

The Heritage House you see it......

Vito’s Italian Pizzera, Chatham, IL

Buffalo Wild Wings

Ginger Asian Bistro

Blueberry waffled eggs, Naked Fruit Drinks, Dr. Oz

Fried Sushi

1850s Strawberry Party @ Elijah Iles House

Illinois Products Expo photos

Wendy's Chicken Chainsaw Toddy

Ned Kelly’s restaurant

Happy Birthday Culver's !

Dinner at Little Saigon

Watts Southwind Park Shrimp Boil Party

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