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Bye Bye Hazel Dell, Hello Walmart

Bye Bye Hazel Dell, Hello Walmart
Above photo taken 4/30/08
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Photos below from 4/26/08

In the news...

Wal-Mart to open July 16 on Sixth Street

The company has opened a hiring center at 3321 S. Sixth St., in a small shopping center just north of the store site at Sixth Street and Hazel Dell Road. Rennels said hiring will continue through June 8, when preparations will begin for the store opening.

From the Tim Landis business column
Published Sunday, May 04, 2008

The new traffic lights at SOUTH SIXTH STREET and LINCOLNSHIRE ROAD are just the start.

Roadwork surrounding the Wal-Mart supercenter on the south side of Springfield must be completed by the time the store opens in mid-July.

When it is all done, there will be another rebuilt intersection at Sixth Street and Hazel Dell Road, some changes in longtime traffic patterns for motorists entering from the south and southeast sides of the city.

A couple of small changes, though — addition of a right-turn lane from northbound Sixth Street onto Hazel Dell and a for-real left-turn lane for eastbound motorists from the area of the Road Ranger convenience store — could help end the horn honking and fist-shaking at the height of morning and evening commutes.

“You have a lot of people now who just go off on the shoulder,” said Allen Oertel, project manager on the Wal-Mart development for Crawford Murphy & Tilly Inc. of Springfield.

As part of a development agreement with the city, Wal-Mart is paying for improvements to the network of roads that will serve the supercenter, including the two new intersections. The work must be completed before the scheduled store opening July 16.

There could be small variations, but Oertel explained the basic final look and traffic flow this way:

nNorthbound right-turn lane added on Sixth Street onto Hazel Dell.

nSouthbound left-turn lane from Sixth Street onto Hazel Dell already added.

nEastbound left-turn added for traffic entering from the frontage road (Road Ranger) to Sixth Street. Now, that entrance has only a single lane.

nHazel Dell will become eastbound only to Wal-Mart. Traffic will return to Sixth Street via a new loop to Lincolnshire.

“The only thing that’s going to be different than what commuters are use to right now is that Hazel Dell will be broken up. That little stretch of Hazel Dell is only going to be one-way, eastbound,” Oertel said.

(I hope someone will Google map this out.)

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