Monday, December 17, 2007

Springfield, IL Ice Storm

Photos from the December 2007 Springfield, IL Ice Storm...

The gates were locked at Marine Point on Lake Springfield.
What? They didn't want us spinning doughnuts here?

The lake water level is still really, really low.
We shouldn't even be able to see that lower "beach" area.

Blades of grass glazed in ice.

I saw WAY too many people driving with side and rear windows that looked something like this.
If windows have the visual texture of an orange peel, then the ice truly needs to be scraped off.

Make sure your driver can see out of ALL of the vehicle's windows, and be able to use all of the mirrors.
Otherwise, you're pretty much asking for a tragedy to happen.

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Springfield, Illinois email list

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The Veggie Burger at Memorial's Cafeteria

I'm a fan of the veggie burgers at the Memorial Hospital's cafeteria.
I'm guessing they're Bocaburgers, but I'm not sure.
Any idea which variety they might be?
Are they available anywhere else in town?

The veggie burgers sell for under $2.
The lettuce, tomato and Memorial's famous secret sauce
will add around $1 more to the price.

HINT: put the secret sauce on the tomato.
You have to get it weighed to purchase it
and then put the sandwich together at your table.

You're welcome to click on a photo for a larger view.

BTW, the Miller Street Market
also has fantastic desserts.
Bring cash, since they don't accept credit or debit cards.

SJ-R Article

Trading Post: Hospital food that’s worth trying

Published Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Age-old jokes about hospital food notwithstanding, the Trading Post receives a fair number of requests for recipes served in local hospital cafeterias. It’s not surprising. They serve up a wide array of soups, salads, entrees, breakfast items and desserts. There are three recipes, courtesy of Springfield’s Memorial Medical Center, scaled down to family-sized yields.
Italian Tortellini Soup, Reuben Casserole and MMC Caramel Apple Salad,

Update July 2008: Memorial's cafeteria has been out of Boca burgers.
I heard that the Boca plant was undergoing upgrades and so they haven't been able to get Bocaburgers these days.

Hopefully they'll return soon.
Please post below if you see them again.

A day in the life at the Boca plant.

Veggie burgers: Can you say awesome?

The Chicago Tribune looks for the best veggie burger in Chicago.,0,6862360.photogallery

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Springfield, Illinois email list

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