Thursday, August 31, 2006

Former Cardinal and Cubs pitcher Lee Smith

To celebrate the grand opening of the new Springfield Menards store,
former St. Louis Cardinal and Chicago Cubs pitcher Lee Smith
was invited to visit with customers on August 30, 2006.

There was a long line and not everyone who showed up got to meet him.

The shopping cart was put into place as the cut-off between who would get to meet him and who wouldn't.

My place in line was behind the shopping cart, so I didn't get an autograph or a chance to meet him on this day.

In situations like this where the guest is running out of scheduled time, one way to handle the situation is to have the celebrity walk the line and at least meet the people in line that way.

There were some people who said they traveled from St. Louis who were behind that dreaded shopping cart, so they too were told they wouldn't get a chance to meet the guest athlete.

My ride informed me that my time was up at the store, so I had to leave before finding out if my place in line would've gotton to meet Mr. Smith. Maybe next time...

Update on Lee Smith

12/27/2006 12:24 AM ET
Lee Smith hoping Bruce Sutter paved path to Baseball Hall of Fame

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The Cub's Ryan O'Malley and Ron Santo visit Springfield.

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