Monday, December 04, 2006

Edwin Watts Southwind Park plans

Edwin Watts Southwind Park plans

I had some trouble with glare from the flash,
so I tried photographing the drawings from an angle.

Oddly enough, this angle seems to draw the viewer into the plans better than a direct view.

I also boosted up the color saturation in Photoshop for these images.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Photos shown below taken December 17, 2006

This one is from what I think is the Southwest corner of the property.

From along 2nd street...

Handy links...

Springfield Parks website

BTW, the Park District will take donations for the park.

For instance, if you want to donate a water fountain, or tree, or
whatever...give them a call. I like the idea of a doggie water
fountain, like what they have at Washington Park.

I'm also hoping that someone will donate that swimming pool facility.

From the local newspaper...

Edwin Watts Southwind Park

Officials hope new park can be a model nationwide


Published Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Where most people look and see 80 acres of farm field, Butch Elzea
looks and sees the future of recreation in Springfield.

More headlines regarding this park...

(check the local library for back issues)

State Journal-Register, The (Springfield, IL) - April 20, 2006

Plans for new park unveiled


State Journal-Register, The (Springfield, IL) - November 17, 2006

Park gets $1 million boost / Roland, Halverson, engineers union give equipment, labor


State Journal-Register, The (Springfield, IL) - July 8, 2006

Park equipment for disabled goal of 'Starry Night'


Springfield, Illinois email list

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