Friday, March 02, 2007

Super Home Expo Building and Remodeling show photos

Random photos from the
Super Home Expo Building and Remodeling show
February 2-4, 2007
Orr Building at the Fairgrounds

For more info, visit this site:

Above photo from the display.

At the kids table hosted by Lowes.


Two of the extreme dog houses built for this event.

The one below is intended for indoor use.

Storm shelter (above) Below photo is of the top exit hatch.

My family saw a DIY tv program on building homes with structural insulated panels
and had heard that no-one here in town uses this material.
We were delighted to discover that a builder here does use it.
Their brand of structural insulated panels is from a different company than what the DIY program happened to use. See
for more information.

You can click on a photo for a larger view.

From the Lowes kid's table.

Above photo is from a company demonstrating that Geothermal Heat Pumps
can be configured to heat your home's water too.

After watching an episode of the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs series where they featured a geothermal well being drilled. It looked like quite a process. It seems like the cost per home would be decreased if an entire subdivision was set up for that heating source. Then there would be less transportation costs and the workers would be kept around for awhile working on the entire project.
Next I had the idea that someone here in town might consider designing an entire subdivision using geothermal heat pumps. I hope it happens! Is anyone reading this???

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