Friday, March 16, 2007

Name that restaurant...part 13

Name that restaurant...part 13


  1. Is this International Buffet on Dirksen Parkway?

    That's my guess ... because they have several choices of ice cream/sherbert ... and I think I tried that bright blue number the last time I was there.

    PS - I'm not sure what flavor that bright blue sherbert actually is ... it's not bubble gum ... not raspberry ... it's just ... sugar flavored?

  2. You're correct!

    These pictures are from International Buffet.

    I think I heard someone say the blue ice cream flavor might be cotton candy. Try it next time and see if that matches up.

    You're welcome to visit the other NAME THAT RESTAURANT challenges and post your guesses.

  3. Speaking of blue ice's Chicago Tribune has an article on
    Blue Moon ice cream. I don't know if this is what I-Buffet offers or not.

    Blue Moon

    Cold case: An ice cream mystery

    By Nara Schoenberg | Tribune staff reporter August 31, 2007,0,3827928.story