Saturday, November 15, 2008

Leaf burning

Leaf burning

Now that's a bit of a view obstructed street.

I saw kids biking towards the fires.

If they were in the smoke, they'd be almost invisible to a driver.

I'm quite thankful for the clean air legislation regarding public buildings, etc.

Now if we could just get the air cleaned up outside so we can go for a walk in the fall.

A friend of mine recently passed on. A non-smoker with lung cancer.

I wonder if living in a town that burns leaves affected her lifespan.

EPA : Residential leaf burning

Quote from page:

Q: What types of air pollutants are emitted from burning leaf piles?

A: The open burning of leaves produces particulate matter and hydrocarbons, which contain a number of toxic, irritant, and carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compounds. Leaf smoke also contains carbon monoxide.

Q: What is particulate matter and why is it a health concern?

A: The visible smoke from leaf burning is composed of tiny particles that contain a number of pollutants. If inhaled, these microscopic particles can reach the deepest regions of the lung and remain there for months or even years. Breathing particulate matter can increase the chances of respiratory infection, reduce the volume of air inhaled and impair the lungs' ability to use that air. Particulate matter can also trigger asthma attacks in some people.

More and more Springfieldians have asthma Illinois Times

Smoker's lungs (photos)

Autumn Leaves

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  1. Just happened on this blog and wanted to complain...regarding people who continue to be oblivious to the health and concern of the OZone and the effects of pollutants from burning leaves or garden clippings.

    I just don't get it that a FOLKS in the Heartland of AMERICA could blatently continue to cause harm to their friends, neighbors and the rest of us in the world.
    I am a former Spfld. resident who now lives in California. I miss the people but not the weather or the ignorance.