Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Monical's Pizza near Meijers

The former Burger King near the Meijers store is becoming a Monical's Pizza restaurant.

Their website is at Monicals.com

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  1. I remember seeing an earlier mention of Monical's in the Blogosphere a few years ago, at IlliniGirl's site... That may be where I found out that it is only a Midwest restaurant. Illinigirl called it one of the Midwest's "best kept secrets." When going to a College Republicans event, perhaps in Chicago, we were thinking of stopping by there, but didn't. I did go to Monical's (the one off of Old Chatham), one time after church, but only took home pizza for the family (since I don't eat meat, and that's pretty much all they were ordering). I finally ate there myself, perhaps in 2005 for the first time... I saw that people from work had ordered from there, and I was wondering if there was a second one in Springfield; I was told that they had ordered from that same one (off of Old Chatham), but she thought that there may actually be a second one in Springfield. I don't think there was, at that time though.

    One of my co-workers that summer was from the family that owned The Spaghetti Shop, where I had never eaten either.

    One time, after a picket of a Planned Parenthood event, Monical's was where I chose to go, with our Leadership Institute field representative (his budget covered the cost of business-related meals). I mentioned to him that people praise Monical's pizza as being unique (as mentioned above), but when I had it, it seemed normal. After a few more times, though, it did seem to have its own flavor.

    Here's the thing, about this location issue, however. It was last Spring that I was going farther on Veteran's Parkway; the weather was horrible that day, but I did notice a Monical's in that location... I figured they must have opened a second location recently.

    I've been eating out more this summer, and was thinking of either The Spaghetti Shop, or Monical's, one evening. I decided to go to Monical's, but when I went to where I thought it was, I was surprised that I was at The Spaghetti Shop... I thought I would give it a try (it was the first time, and it was confusing, because I was thinking it was a dine-it place, and ordered as such, but found out it is more of a fast-food restaurant). I was relieved when the person behind the registered confirmed that Monical's did indeed used to be there... I guess my sense of direction is not as bad as it could have been.

    I didn't know, until calling Monical's last night/morning, that that location (off of Veteran's, on Prairie Cross Road) is now their only location in Springfield.

    One thing that was tricky, with their prior location, was that it was only open until 9:00 PM on weeknights, though a little later on Friday and Saturday. Despite it behind farther away, I was glad to see find out that this one is now open until 10:30 PM, even on weeknights - and even later on weekends.

    If only more Springfield restaurants - and establishments in general - could be like that!!!