Monday, November 05, 2007

Halloween at the local beauty school

I'm thinking of making Oct 31 at the beauty school an annual event.
It was a fun day.
Beauticians are creative people and their costumes were an example of their creativity.
A "tiger"gave me a haircut and pedicure.
I've been getting fantastic haircuts here. Give them a try.

This lady received a pedicure from an "angel".

University of Spa & Cosmetology Arts
2913 West White Oaks Drive
Springfield, IL 62704
View map
ph: 217.753.8990
Price list of services at:

Handy links:

Pedicure spa chairs for sale at Ebay
Preventing Pedicure Foot Spa Infections (from the EPA)
Sanijet Pipeless Spa Pedicure chair

More Springfield Photos!

EMI Manufacturing Jacksonville Illinois

Panda Express outside White Oaks Mall

Name that restaurant...part 21

CWLP Power Plant Construction Tour

Lake Springfield Improvements

More I-72 Recreation Drive interchange construction

Pound Dog Rescue Benefit

Open Dome in Riverton, IL

Humphrey's Pizzeria is now open!

What kind of bird is this? (From Lake Springfield)

Wood sculptures on Dirksen Parkway

APL Animal Protective League / Butterflies

Cross country bicyclist pedals to Springfield

Chasing Rainbows / Lake Springfield sunset

Old Capitol Art Fair 2007 photos

Another alternative energy car !

Sushi Beautiful Sushi

That electric car at Washington Park

The dog water fountains at Washington Park

The Apple Barn is OPEN !!!!

Smoker's lungs

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

Edwin Watts Southwind Park plans

The Cub's Ryan O'Malley and Ron Santo visit

The Pizza Machine

Ryan O'Malley with the Chicago Cubs

Gulls Gulls Gulls

Former Cardinal and Cubs pitcher Lee Smith

Ryan O'Malley and the Chicago Cubs

Chatham's cow chip throwing contest 2006

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