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Road Trip: dining at the Ikea store...part 1

Road Trip to the Ikea store...

(I hope Springfield, IL gets an Ikea store - this place is fantastic!)

Springfield could be a great place for an Ikea.

We get a lot of travelers to the Lincoln Presidential Museum

and folks traveling in general via I-55 and I-72.

If you get a chance to shop at an Ikea...go there!
It is an incredible shopping experience.
As you can see from the photos, Ikea's are HUGE stores.
The one we shopped at had three levels. They have elevators in the center of the store.
The escalators also have an option to transport your shopping cart.

My first trip to Ikea was a rushed trip.
We had about a half hour to eat and shop.
We got some food and looked around, but didn't buy anything other than a meal.
We knew we wanted to return though...

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Ikea's cafeteria has carts for your meal trays.
This is a wonderful idea.
I would like to suggest built in drink holders too.
My glass bottle of carbonated juice managed
to fall off the tray and make an incredible mess of things.

The famous Ikea swedish meatballs.

Salmon with veggies and lingonberry sauce.
The sauce on the salmon was a special request.
It usually is for the meatballs.

Macaroni and cheese...from the kids menu...

The desserts here are amazing. Try any of them.
Shown above is their chocolate cake.
Their apple pie is stuffed full of apples.

More later...

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