Friday, November 14, 2008

Maisenbacher house getting ready to move

Maisenbacher house getting ready to move

Above: I traveled North along the alley behind the Maisenbacher House and noticed that a lot of land has already been cleared on this block.

Below: View of 7th Street by the Springfield Clinic.
The Maisenbacher House is almost a block South of here.

Videos: Maisenbacher house move

Related article from the SJR:

Maisenbacher House move set to start

Quote from article:

Preparations are under way to move the Lincoln-era Maisenbacher House five blocks north to its new home on Sunday.

The 19th-century building will be taken from its current location at 1028 S. Seventh St. to 503 S. Seventh St., where an old structure deemed not worthy of saving, the Lewis House, was demolished last week to make way.

On Tuesday, crews started putting 64 wheels — some motorized, some not — under the 300-ton Maisenbacher House.

Read entire article, view maps and video at:

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  1. Great photos, it is going to be quite an undertaking to move this old house. I hope that it doesn't just break apart and actually gets to it's new location intact. I'm planning on going down on Sunday to watch some of the move.

  2. Hope you bring a camera and take pictures of it. I won't be there - have other places to be Sunday morning.