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Edwin Watts Southwind Park Update May 20, 2007

Edwin Watts Southwind Park
Photos taken May 20, 2007

From Southwind Road looking North.

From South 2nd, looking South

From South 2nd, looking North

From the subdivision North of the park, looking South

View from the church sign across the street from Watts Park.

View of the land for sale just South of Watts Park.

An episode of the Discovery Channel's Dirty Jobs series featured a geothermal well being drilled. It looked like quite a process. It seems like the cost per home would be decreased if an entire subdivision was set up for that heating source. Then there would be less transportation costs and the workers would be kept around for awhile working on the entire project.
Perhaps someone here in town might consider designing an entire subdivision using geothermal heat pumps. We all know that homebuyers are concerned about rising heating costs.


The State Journal Register's latest article on Watt's Park.

Park of Possibilities
Accessibility-driven Southwind design hopes to offer something for everyone

Published Sunday, May 20, 2007

At first glance, the site of Springfield's newest, most ambitious park looks like a big muddy field with a few bare hills. The 41/2-acre lake, already full of water, isn't even visible from nearby South Second Street.

To Butch Elzea, however, it's not the present appearance of the 80 acres just south of the Trevi Gardens subdivision that's important, it's what the site represents - a new dawn in the design of handicapped-accessible community parks.

Read entire article at:

More photos:

From March 4, 2007
Edwin Watts Southwind Park update

Edwin Watts Southwind Park plans

Watts Park weblinks...

Springfield Parks website

Springfield Park District page for this park

Southwind Park Video Gallery

BTW, the Park District will take donations for the park.

For instance, if you want to donate a water fountain, or tree, or
whatever...give them a call. I like the idea of a doggie water
fountain, like what they have at Washington Park.

I'm hoping that someone will donate a fenced in dog run.

Winter 2007 letter from the Springfield Parks Foundation (PDF)
See pages 5-7 regarding Watts Park

Webpage from the Springfield Parks Foundation regarding Watts Park

Halverson Construction's webpage regarding Watts Park

More drawings of Southwind Park plans

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