Monday, November 17, 2008

Maisenbacher house move: Daytime videos and photos

Maisenbacher House move
Daytime videos and photos
Sunday, November 16 , 2008

The city needed to trim trees and move streetlights for the move.

The future location of the Maisenbacher house.
First they'll need to build a foundation for it.

The next two images are movies.
Just click on the arrow to view them.

They're both under 30 seconds long.

Maisenbacher House weblinks

Nov 15 (Saturday) First day of the
Maisenbacher House move

Maisenbacher house getting ready to move

Page from the Disarranging Mine blog

Moving the Maisenbacher House (Stingfield blog)

Related article from the SJR:

Maisenbacher House move set to start

SJR video: Maisenbacher House Big Move

Maisenbacher House hits the road

City saves Maisenbacher House

Our Opinion: City needs plan to ID, save historic houses

Search for "Maisenbacher" at

I'm rather surprised that the tv crew for the HGTV series "Haulin' House" wasn't there.
Taking pictures was like watching that show live in person.

More Springfield photos

Maisenbacher house getting ready to move

Nov 15 First day of the Maisenbacher House move

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